Pastors & Staff

Bob Menzel


With over 25 years of ministerial experience, Pastor Bob brings leadership, vision and laughter to our church. Pastor Susan currently leads the Worship Team as well as serves in Kids and Youth Ministry. Together, they have 7 children (5 married) and 1 grandchild. The Menzel's seek to live out the church mission to Connect-Serve-Go. 

Zeda Bish


Zeda leads with a passion to feed the surrounding communities. Her husband Dale works alongside her faithfully each week. Funds come from church members and outside sources also. 

Karen Sitts


Launching a new student leadership program was a huge undertaking for our church. But we believe in our students and their need for a firm foundation. Karen spearheaded the initiative and is leading our Kuest ministry. 

Dan Schneider


If you see something that buzzes or hums in the church, Dan most likely had his hand in it. He has trained others who work diligently alongside in the sound booth. 

Church Board

The five board members are voted on semi-annually as they serve a two-year term. Their job is to assist the pastor in financial matters. L-R Pastor Bob, chairman of the board, Simone Dubry, Bev Winn, Betty Wegner, Bill Stoner, Aleigha Yerks and alternate Beth Quisenberry. 

Judy Hudecz


Judy serves and assists the pastors and the church in a variety of capacities. She helps with the day-to-day operations at M-46 Tabernacle Family Ministries.