Would you like to use our church resources?

We invite you to read through the following information before making a decision to reserve a building. Please fill out the form below so that your event may be coordinated with other activities that take place in our church buildings. All event submissions will be reviewed and approved by church leadership. Upon receipt of cleaning fee deposit (see Buidling Use Fee Schedule), you will be contacted to verify your reservation. 

Expectations for Building Usage

  • Requests to use church facilities must be made using the following form and should be made at least one (1) month in advance of event. 
  • See below for Building Use Fee Schedule
  • Church facility use is limited to room(s) reserved and immediate adjacent areas. 
  • Use of the kitchen facilities doesnot include church consumable supplies such as: food, paper products, dishes, etc. 
  • There will be no smoking, alcohol, nor dancing allowed in buildings in adherence to our church and district bylaw policies. 
  • All equipment and decorations must be removed, and trash must be bagged and placed in dumpster in parking lot before leaving the facility. To be reimbursed $100 of the cleaning deposit, building used must be in condition as prior to event, when inspected by church representative. 
  • Repair and/or replacement costs for damaged/missing property will be billed to responsible party. 
  • Building(s) must be vacated by stated end time, cleaned and in proper order. All lights are to be off, and the building(s) securely locked. 
  • M-46 Tabernacle Family Ministries reserves the right to decline any application or request at our sole discretion. 
  • Submitting this form does not guarantee that your event will be approved; you will be notified of approval upon receipt of your cleaning fee. 

Building Use Fee Schedule


Use of any buildings for any purpose requires $150 deposit per building, to be paid before building reservation is confirmed. This applies to both church members and non-members. Following the event, a church representative will inspect. If all cleanup policies are completed, $100 will be refunded via check from the church. The balance is to cover costs for toilet paper, paper towels, electricity and other incidentals. 

All non-church events including weddings, showers, parties, meetings, etc

  • Sanctuary/Family Room $250, *member or immediate family=donation
  • Life Center $250, *member or immediate family=donation
  • Use of Sound System/slides (Sanctuary) $50, +pay fee as determined by qualified church media staff, directly to staff.
  • Use of Sound/TVs (LifeCenter) $50, +pay fee as determined by qualified church media staff, directly to staff.

funeral/memorial service

  • Sanctuary, Family Room, Life Center/meal, Donation
  • Use of Sound System/slides (Sanctuary), Donation, +pay fee as determined by qualified church media staff, directly to staff. 
  • Use of Sound/TVs (Life Center), Donation, +pay fee as determined by qualified church media staff, directly to staff. ________________________________

Door opening and closing

We do not use keys for the entry doors. There is a combination for each door. If you are not an authorized user, a fee will be required for church staff to open and close buildings for your event.
Any/all buildings $20

Fees due

All fees are due one (1) month prior to event, or reservation will be canceled. Fees can be paid in check or cash in the church office OR paid online using our Giving page.

*immediate family

Includes parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, grand and great-grandchildren. 

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